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THE STALK MARKET is one of the most recognized and respected company names in the silk flower industry. Owners Carolyn and Kenneth Bahner Bailey's floral tradition go back five generations to the Royal Gardener of Denmark, Henry Larsen. Our silk botanicals are intended to not only impress, but duplicate the appearance of real flowers, orchids, plants, and trees. 
Our expertise starts with the stem selection process. Only ones which meet our strict criteria are imported for use in our final products. Many of our artificial stems & greenery are altered upon our request before we approve shipping to our manufacturing site. Here we finish any other alterations we feel make our finished product superior, using only the finest quality materials in our "creative assembly process".

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11576 Pierson Road #K1
Wellington, Florida 33414
Phone: 561-790-4158
Fax: 561-790-3153

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